My cat is in heat and driving me NUTS

It started again, early this afternoon.

She started her “sprungeing”* dance and convinced the puppy to lick her butt. He doesn’t know any better, and she takes advantage. Bitch

She tries to escape every time I let Finn the Super Whizzer out to hose down the concrete (Seriously man?).

She wanders around the house mewling seductively at anything that will listen.

Dave caught her chewing on the cord to the vacuum cleaner out of frustration.You know Dinah, I get sexually frustrated too sometimes. You don’t see me chewing on plugged-in shit that can kill me, do you?

Meagan and Claire are coming this weekend for a girls’ day. Dinah will try to make one or both of them her boyfriend. She’s a totally indiscriminate slut.

Cats are sluts.


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