It’s the second amendment.

Dave’s been into shooty stuff recently.

Well, that’s not entirely truthful. He’s always been into shooty stuff. He modified his Nerf gun to, in his words, “shoot harder, farther, and more accurately.” He needed a more powerful Nerf gun. My kids will have these genes.

We have a combat-accurate AK47 airsoft rifle…just kinda hanging out in our living room. It’s between the DVD shelf and the TV. It’s also modified. My husband uses an assault weapon as decoration.

He’s been jonesing for a real, honest-to-God big boy thing-killer for a while now. On our honeymoon, he bought a copy of “Guns and Ammo” to read on the plane.

Yesterday, he DVRed the last six episodes of “Top Shot” and is burning through them as I type. It’s a TV show about a bunch of super-machismo manly-men military boys who blow shit up with guns. Except for that really hot Marine, this show does nothing for me.

Would you believe I married a bleeding heart liberal?


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