Dear Technology, You suck.

  So I use GoogleDocs to write most of my blog posts, mostly because I have access to GoogleDocs at work, and work is where most of my blog posts are conceived. Also, that’s a lost of mosts. Oh, and I’m a Googleslut. Except for Blogger, and I have a post fermenting in GoogleDocs about my cheating on Blogger with WordPress. Ironic, no?

Anyway, I have a post that I meant to post on Saturday…when I wrote it. But, as evidenced by the subject of said post, I didn’t. Well, I just tried to post the post. And I couldn’t. And here’s why.

Waaaaaay back in January, the power supply on our heavy-duty but slightly outdated Lenovo died. Since we’re a little bit broke and a new power cord costs in the neighborhood of $80, we haven’t replaced it Yet. Maybe Friday. Maybe not. Anyway, we’ve been using Dave’s work Apple to communicate with the outside world in the evenings. Keyword: evenings. During the day, I subsisted in my hermitage, living by candlelight and keeping busy with housework and X-Files dvds.

Until last week. While in Mississippi, Dave dug up his iBook G4. It’s old. It’s beaten. It doesn’t support WoW, or Chrome.

But it turns on, and with a little underground hunting, it surfs the web, opens Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest. Maybe even Twitter.

It does NOT, however, cut and paste from GoogleDocs to WordPress.

And in the time it took me to type out this tiraded explanation with all its mosts and posts, I could have just retyped the original post. It involved troglodytes.

Be sad.


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