And then that happened.

(A day in the life of me.)

This morning, I jolted awake to the sound of Dave cursing. Seems he’d knocked a glass of water over… onto himself. Five minutes and a date with the blow dryer later he felt comfortable enough leaving the house, and so much like an ass.

About an hour later, I feel asleep on the couch, with my mouth open. So I woke up with a scratchy throat and cotton mouth. Plus all the snot that’s been draining out of my sinuses for the last week, I felt…less than stellar.

Later and work, I decided (really really this time) to just take the damn GRE and go to grad school. And I’m already having anxiety about it. Will my scores be high enough? Is this a waste of almost $200? Am I gonna have to take the damn thing again? Does my brain really remember all the algebra I glossed over in college?

THEN, Devin killed a black widow on the faculty patio. But first he asked me to confirm it was, in fact, a black widow. As an unabashed arachnophobe, I can identify most spider species, especially the ones that will ACTUALLY kill you as opposed to the ones I just assume can kill you because, well it’s an effing spider, of course it’s going to kill you.

Dude, it was totally a black widow. And this is the second time Devin has rescued me from one of those things at work. This is becoming commonplace, and more than a little disconcerting. I may stop going outside with Devin. He’s the harbinger of doom.

Also, we may get a hurricane for Labor Day.

Which means we may have to evacuate…

With Dinah.

And that has “suck” written all over it.


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