Moving sucks and here’s why.

(NOTE: These first NorthCarolinaLand posts were written long before they were published. I approximated the dates so that the timeline flows. Dave got the job, and we’ve started the moving process. Woot.)

Dave got a call back about a second interview. It’s scheduled for the seventh of this month.

So, as a precautionary measure, we’ve been surfing through craigslist, because craigslist is the only way I know how to do it. It’s not like we can just drive around whatever the Saints-Streets equivalent is in Mythical NorthCarolinaLand and phone up realtors. Also, “craigslist,” “NorthCarolinaLand,” and “realtors” are not words according to GoogleDocs. But then, according to GoogleDocs, “GoogleDocs” isn’t a word either. So, take that for what it’s worth. And yes, I do plan on referring to Mythical NorthCarolinaLand as such for the duration of this transition. I’m sure once I learn it’s not so mythical, I’ll just call it NorthCarolinaLand.

Anyway, craigslist. Well, while we found a few complexes that were promising and wouldn’t require us to eat Ramen for every meal… none of them will allow four pets in one unit. No matter that our four pets combined still don’t equal one LARGE pet, nor that they are better behaved and better mannered than most children.

(And right now there is a family of rednecks using the computers in children’s and they all have bad teeth and bad grammar and terrible communications skills and the daddy keeps telling the little boy to “shut-up” and I cannot TELL You how that burns my ass, but this is another post for another time. Also, I have cramps. And some serious post nasal issues.)

So, that’s a bust. Of course quote getting rid of unquote any of them is out of the questions. How would you like if if I told you that you had to quote get rid of unquote one or more of your children? Exactly. Anyway, so we’re looking into private rentals, from a landlord and not a complex.

Dave mentioned buying. Y’all… I don’t think we can AFFORD to buy a house right now.Wait, scratch that. I KNOW we can’t afford to buy a house right now. Houses are expensive. Especially since as soon as we move, I will be unemployed for who knows how long.


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