I hate the limbo stick.

Or is it more like a tight rope walk? Whatever.
Dave had his interview today. He believes it went well.
But they didn’t make him an offer. They did say they would get back to him as soon as possible, but didn’t give him a hard date. Dave’s banking on Monday.

I’m just pissed that my life is back to limbo. I mean, I really want to start backing our stuff, and in the process, weeding through crap we don’t need. And by crap I mean empty boxes of cereal that we meant to send the mail aways for and didn’t.

I also broke my own rules and told a few people at work. Now I have to tell them that we don’t know anything yet.

This ALSO means Dave has to go back to SoulSuck on Monday without the ability to gloat about finding a new job and leaving those bastards in a lurch.

And, I’m worried how salary negotiations will pan out if Dave can’t do it face to face. That’s IF they even offer him the job.

Plus, I was starting to look forward to Mythical NorthCarolinaLand, especially since the Swamps got back up to 80 yesterday.


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