So, I was gonna type out on Tuesday a rail and rage because Dave never got a call or e-mail on Monday.

Then, Tuesday mid-morning blew in a WHOLE buncha ChangeDust  and sprinkled it all over the House of S. Dumped even. One fell swoop.

Dave got the job.

We’re moving to Mythical NorthCarolinaLand.

In two weeks.

Well… ish. Our last day of work is the 28th. That way we can still spend Halloween with my family in Rayne. Halloween is HUGE in my family. Not because we’re pagans or anything. We just really like dressing up and eating our weight in candy.

Now, all we have to do is find a place to live, all six of us. And I need to find a job, because even though he’s making more, and his expenses are less, we’re still taking a bit of a hit in the wallet.

I haven’t looked for a job in five years. I know that’s not a lot to most people but it’s a two-digit percentage of my life. That’s assuming I did the math right.

Wish me luck.


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