What I did today, The Monday Edition.

When one has nothing to do, one finds abundant time to talk about any and everything.

That’s a direct quote, btb. Anyway. My Monday, as follows.

Wake up late with a heavily congested face and some postnasal nasties.

Walk the dogs, one  by one, as usual. Still can’t find Oliver’s collar, so Daisy’s pulls double duty.

Put the cat away and let the dogs have free run of the house, including open patio (Thus necessitating the cat’s put-away-ness). This goes on for about and hour before I put them back to bed, officially shooting our schedule to hell.

Play WoW for a few hours. It’s not my normal account; it’s a free one I signed up for last week.

Went to the grocery store. Stocked up on staples and essentials. Spent more money than I intended, but saved as must as I spent. Score one from preplanning.

Realized once I got home that I didn’t buy anything for dinner tonight. And by anything, I mean ground meat for burgers, but still. Grumble. Guess Dave will be making a stop after all.

Realized shortly after my first realization that I’d neglected to purchase a vast majority of the foodstuffs we’ll need for this week’s menu. Insert bad words here.

Consoled myself with the fact that we won’t have to buy canned or frozen vegetables for, like, ever. Pinto beans either.

Cleaned the kitchen.

Put a load of laundry to dry and another load to wash. Two down. Infinity to go.

Sat back down at the computer. Blogged.

Considered calling Dave to tell him I went “staple” shopping and that we only need meat at this point.

All this while waiting, in vain, for The Library to call. An automated telemarketer called earlier in the day, leading me to believe it was THE CALL. Nope, but apparently I’m pre-approved for a SuperUltraTitaniumAdamantium Card with a $596,098,684,906,986.72 spending limit, somerestrictionsapplyseepamphletfordetailsPressOneToAcceptTermsOfUse.

Commence grumblings.

Thursday is The Day. If I haven’t gotten a call by Thursday, I’m applying for Crappy Retail Position X. First I’ll apply to Petsmart. We just can’t afford for me not to work, and PetsMart would be fun. At the VERY least I get a discount on dog food and kitty litter.

Fingers still crossed.


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