So, today started off in the doldrums. I have one day left on my self-imposed waiting period before I started applying to Crappy Retail Job X and PetsMart.

My phone and I aren’t getting along very well. It’s old and cantankerous and just generally unpleasant. I think it might have something to do with the big gulp Daisy knocked over onto it a year ago. It just shuts off at random intervals for no reason and with no warning, often RIGHT in the middle of important phone calls.

So this afternoon… twenty minutes ago, I picked it up to check my messages, a practice I’ve had to cultivate recently.

First message?

The Library. THE Library, the one I applied to, interviewed for, and just KNEW I would get, then just KNEW I wouldn’t get because I hadn’t gotten a call yet? Yeah, those guys. They called. I’m being “highly considered” for the position at the library, they just need my to take a preemployment drug test. So tomorrow I go pee in a cup, and HOPEFULLY Monday I go to work.

Holy shit they called.


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