A post of bullet points because I’m just too tired to write a real post.

  • I still REALLY love my job.
  • I commute two hours each day, so my ten hours days are really twelve hour days.
  • I’m so not disciplined to write a blog. I should probably get better at that.
  • Typing with nails shouldn’t be this hard.
  • I got a Nook Tablet for Christmas.
  • We bought a new bed. Correction: We bought a new mattress. King size. Memory foam. Also, we didn’t buy it so much as effing stole it. List price was like $1600, we bought it for about half, and then price matched it against a furniture store in Cincinnati for another two hundred off.
  • I totally ATE MY SHIT last Friday while trying to jog with Oliver. He gets REALLY excited for his evening walks, and I feel bad for him pulling at the leash, trying to go faster, so I started jogging him to the “Pet Designated Area” in the evenings (side note: totally amazed how quickly I built my endurance for the little jaunt. Went from burning-in-my-chest out of breath to only the slightest heavy breathing in like a week.) Well, Friday, there was a woman coming up the sidewalk as we rounded the corner from our front door. I went to the right… Oliver, not so much. Shortly thereafter my face connected with the concrete, fiercely. Bruised, but did not break, my nose and totally hamburgered my palms. Of course I had to work on Saturday, busted hands and all. This is why fat people stay fat.
  • I am so completely in love with our fireplace. I don’t think I can ever live in another domicile without a fireplace, or at the VERY least a wood burning stove of some sort.
  • The Saints will NOT be going to the Superbowl this year. and I’m okay with that. they went from the most ridiculed team in the NFL to a Championship ring in a few short years. They’ve gone to the playoffs for the last five years. It’s just a little bit of sweet validation after all those years of suffering. I’m proud to say I’m a Saints fan.
  • We will not be expanding the House of S this year.
  • Dylan was here for ten whole awesome days over New Year’s. I should really write a whole post about that.
  • I also plan to write a post about our first holidays in NorthCarolinaLand. There might have been a dog on the table at some point. Also, a duck.
  • Duck is fucking delicious.
  • This weekend, Dave is building a platform bed to accompany our new king sized mattress. This has the potential to be very dangerous, because if that boy can build me a bed then his weekends are MINE for the foreseeable future. I’m thinking shelves, a coffee table, a trunk, some benches for the kitchen table, a few hampers, a house… the list goes on, my friends.
  • I REALLY need to finish that job report.
  • My birthday is next Friday.
  • Dave introduced me to The Office. So now, we’re working our way through the first seven seasons. Where have I been since 2005?
  • I wish I knew the difference between tags and categories around this joint.  Must research this. Any suggestion?
  • And this is my post.  The Saturday O_o?! will resume next Saturday. I hope.

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