So we got a new TV.

(As uttered in the House of S after learning what the world can look like in high def.)

Dave: I don’t know if it’s cool or scary that I can see the liver spots on this guy’s forehead.

Dave’s mom and stepdad got us this for Christmas. Along with a BUNCH of other really awesome stuff.

But the TV got here first. So it gets its own post.

Anyway, we immediately bought a piece of furniture on which to perch this new bit of technology.

We also needed a way to anchor said technology to this brand new piece of furniture, because we have Finn, and Finn has The Tail of Destruction attached to his butt.

So, off to Lowe’s we went for screws and little C shaped things.

And then Dave went to work:

First we laid out all the tools we would need.

And after about twenty minutes and a few choice words, we had THIS:

And another angle:

And from above:

Finally, a shot of the super adorable handyman:

He was pretty proud of our combined ingenuity.


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