So, I probably won’t answer the phone today. Nothing personal.

Might stop checking Facebook too.

It’s my birthday. Today I turn twenty-eight whole years old.

And I’m sad.

I miss my friends. They’ve all left awesome little Facebook notes for me. I’d like to celebrate WITH them tonight. I mean, your birthday only lands on a weekend ever four or five years.

I miss my family. They’ve left awesome little Facebook notes too. I’d really like to celebrate with them tonight, too. Especially Bill… we’re like EXACTLY twenty years apart. We’re birthday twins.

I’m mourning my twenties. They’re almost gone, which means I’ll have to stop dressing and acting like a college student. Boohiss.

I’m afraid if I try to talk to anyone who’s not a total stranger, I’ll burst into tears. And that’s just rude.

Thankfully, I made out like a damn bandit AGAIN this year (I LOVE my inlaws!), so I foresee retail therapy in my immediate future.

I PROMISE to return all of my purposely-missed phone calls tomorrow.

When it’s not my birthday.

And I’m totally over this whole “old lady” thing, also the lonely-homesick-I-miss-Meagan-and-ClaireandJordan-and-ScottCherylandMicaela-and-Ericwhoshouldjustmoveupherealready-and-Devin-and-Greg-and-alltherestofmyfriends-andmyfamily-and-mygramma-andmyalmostbirthdaybuddyAubrey-anddave’sfamilyespeciallymybaconbuddyAnik-andthefreakingBarneys mood.

Good luck deciphering THAT mess.

Also, blog comments are nice. I like those. They’ll make me feel better. Hinthint.


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