You know you’ve arrived when…

It’s Friday, or as I like to call it, PreSaturday. It’s the Saturday before Saturday. Especially when every weekend is a three day weekend. I’ll contend with your jealousy later.

Anyway, as usual on Friday, I’ve spent my day with laundry and four foul-mouthed fourth graders.

And Pinterest.

Oh, and Pinterest spam.

I know right?!

Dear Dumb and Gullible Women of Pinterest,

Starbucks is not giving out free coffee (through pinterest). And If Coach charges three and four hundred dollars for a purse, what make you think they’ll just give away one to people who use a craft site? A CRAFT SITE!!! The ANTITHESIS of Coach. So, just stop the madness. Seriously. You’re ruining Pinterest for the rest of us who know better.



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