So this one time Finn locked me out of the car.

Did I mention it was still running? And that we were on a country road in the middle of nowhere?

Did you notice how I said me and not us??

I had the bright idea to bring Finn with me to work today. I only needed to be there for a few hours, and he needs more socialization outside the things that live in this house.  And that actually went well. By the end of two hours, he let Angela pet him, even scratch his back. Almost full on, legit cuddling y’all! And if you know Finn, you know how big a deal that is.

Anyway, on the way home, Mom (that would be me) thought maybe Finn would like to have the window down. Finn DID NOT like having the window down, and when Mom tried to roll said window back up, it fell out of the track. Mom, not knowing what, if any, deleterious effects an hour long drive through the country might have on the track-jumped window, pulled over at the ball park to right said track jumping. This exercise required the car be running, and while Mom fixed the passenger window, Finn started pressing buttons.

And Mom (still me) didn’t notice until AFTER she closed the door to the still-running, and now locked car.

At a ball park.

In the middle of nowhere.

Thankfully, there was a construction crew not far from the ballpark. And one of those guys had a phone.

And three separate phone calls later (the first one being to a particularly useless locksmith in Fuquay), the Wake County Sheriff’s Department came to my rescue… about forty-five minutes after the whole ordeal started.

And after Finn, deciding he was more or less unsupervised, dumped and drank my Coke.


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