I haven’t blogged in so long

WordPress “forgot” my login.


I haven’t blogged because I didn’t really have anything to report.

Which is crap because I have plenty to report. I’m just bad at this whole “keeping a record” game.

We deactivated our facebook accounts. Dave deactivated his because I deactivated mine. He’s the lead-followingest hipster I know. I deactivated mine because I just couldn’t take it anymore. I’m liberal (big surprise), and my family is soooooooooooooooooooooo not. That’s a 22 O “so”. That “so” can buy drinks. And yet, somehow, it doesn’t fully illustrate how diametrically opposed is my political ideology with those whom I share a gene pool. And, whaa-whaa, every time I voiced an opinion in opposition to the right wing or in agreement with the left wing, I found myself just hosed with Faux News talking-head rhetoric. So much so that I could actually smell the BS wafting across my computer screen. Gag.

There are other reasons. That’s the one that I think might make the most sense to people. I was also overwhelmed with just how much we’re missing way out here in NorthCarolinaLand. The Bellapepper has a full on vocabulary. She speaks in totally intelligible sentences. I’m sure the MicaelaMonster is not too far behind her. One of my very dearest BFsF is expecting her first baby.

Just, you know, life… and its hateful keep-going-on-ness.

It was too much for us. For me.

We’re still struggling to make friends. And by “struggling to make friends,” I mean sloooooowly developing relationships that we can cultivate into the same deep and awesome camaraderie we enjoyed in The Swamps. It’s coming along; it’s just taking a while.

There are a few exceptions. One is a wonderful human being we’ll call Otter, because she’s a private person and that’s what her nieces and nephews call her. And I think it’s adorable. I don’t know that we’ll ever be as close as Meagan, Claire, or Ashley and I are, but she makes me smile, she cares when I have a bad day, she knows me well enough, and she’s let me see her cry. We’ll go ahead and call that a dear friend.

The other is Becca(notthesister). It gets confusing, but we making it work. She’s a few years younger than I, and back in April, she and her husband MatTheARMYMan made me a little friend. Well, I guess the making part took place late last summer, but the introductions happened in April. We’ll call little friend The Nanner, because a.) Not my kid, and thus not my place to introduce her to le intratoobs, and b.) That’s actually what we call her here in the House of S. That and Nugget. And my oh my what an amazing little Nugget she is. At eight months, she still a tiny little thing, complete with her very own, self-perpetuating theme music. We love our Nugget time, especially when she starts growling (yes growling, like a damn lion) at six in the morning. Teh cyoots, they slays us.

Beccanotthesister and her husband MatTheARMYMan are a couple of pretty awesome people. We can count on them. They can count on us. There are two drawbacks to this otherwise beautiful friendship. One is of course that MatTheARMYMan is in, well, The ARMY, and thus is not permanent to NorthCarolinaLand. One day, the whole ARMYMan family will pack their shit (with my help, I’m sure) and move on to other ARMY places.  Sucktastic. Drawback two? they live EXACTLY one hour and sixteen minutes away.


And I just realized it’s 10:30 and I still haven’t cleaned myself.

Maybe, if you’re very lucky, I’ll ramble at length about absolutely nothing again tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “I haven’t blogged in so long

  1. So, I totally just realized that you weren’t on facebook any more, thus forcing me to break my no twitter rule in order to track you down, and find your blog, all to be able to tell you that I finally wrote something on mine. Horrid isn’t it? Now, I should probably sleep because the growling will commence bright and early, followed by barking, and possibly licking. As long as she doesn’t chase her non-existent tail we should be ok. I think she will grow out of this phase…eventually.

    • I get an email every time you update your blog.
      And that is some of the most adorable noncanine growling and barking ever. You’ve been saying you wanted a dog… so maybe the chaing of the invisible tail is just the universe’s way of giving you want you want without the extra responsibility.

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