#Thisonetime I broke the laptop with Bubble Witch Saga.

And by “broke” I mean overheated the the video card so now that instead of one desktop we have six. They’re all pretty small, like trying to surf Pinterest on an LG MyTouch… not that I know anything about that.

Anyway, between learning to navigate Windows 8 on that snazzy new laptop and all the other crap happening around here, this place is just ripe with blog posts.

Now if only someone would write them

The short version of what’s to come:

  • Dave was turned down for two different job promotions due to lack of experience within the company. That was humbling.
  • We don’t have quite enough of a credit history nor a “depth of credit” to buy a house just yet. That was a little disappointing, but we left the mortgage guy’s office with a plan, and that felt good. Bonus, that plan includes spending money at REI.
  • I’ve been demoted due to budget cuts.
  • Not just demoted, marginalized.
  • I’ve lost my health benefits, not really a big deal because I didn’t use them.
  • I’ve lost exactly one hour of work a week, slightly bigger deal because now instead of cramming 50 hours of work into 31 or 32 hours a week, I now have to get it done in no more than 29 hours a week.
  • I’ve lost my annual leave and my sick leave. Huge. Fucking. Deal. I get to keep what I’ve banked (not much) but won’t be banking anything else after Monday. That’s the part that really just guts me.
  • I’ve also lost paid holidays and paid maternity leave. So just rip that wound wide open, pour in the ice cream salt, and commence to rub.

So now, I’m off to graduate school in a quick hurry so that I might snatch up one of the full-time positions at my library coming open.

And of course this means we will not be expanding The House of S this year. Or next year.

Don’t. Even. Start.


One thought on “#Thisonetime I broke the laptop with Bubble Witch Saga.

  1. Wait one sec…why the heck did they cut you back so much?! Given that you have to travel around for your job you kind of need those hours. Also, I hope they know you aren’t going to have time to work the desk now. I also hope they know I’m not going to be their saving grace for the desk…

    Side note: unless I’m missing something I don’t think you have totally lost paid holidays because even I get 4 hours when we are closed for a holiday.

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