What can America Learn from Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman?

Three words… and an article.

Don’t. Be. A. Punk.

Hear me out!!!!

This is really just the tragic story of two punks, a bag of skittles, and a gun.

Trayvon Martin was behaving like a punk. Period. End of discussion.

I don’t care that he was unarmed, or that he was just walking down the street. He obviously wasn’t. Just walking down the street doesn’t get you shot in suburban Florida. Compton, Cabrini Green, Harlem, Desire Project, absolutely! Just walking down the street will getchoaz fileted. If this kid was just walking to, fro, where ever, he would not have gotten shot.

Instead, he decided to be a punk and pick a fight with another guy who had a gun.  Yes, the other guy started it, and yes, he is also punk, and YES, we’re going to get to that, but just because a guy picks a fight doesn’t mean one has to participate. We learned this in elementary school. Trayvon, had you just walked away, turned your back to him, he probably wouldn’t have shot you. Then again, if this whole incident really was motivated by race, specifically black-kid-in-a-hoodie-wandering-around-a-gated-community-MUST-be-a-suspicious-criminal kind of stuff, then George would have shot you IN THE BACK. And then my friends, open and shut case. That’s murder. But no. You were invited into an altercation, and you accepted that invitation, thinking (I assume) that you were a big bad boy and you were gonna rough up this broham who dared to get on your case.  As soon as George flashed his piece, you should have gotten down, gotten humble, and waited for the cops to arrive. And then, then you could have sued his dumb ass for all sorts of fun stuff, probably including that gun. I know, I know, he had no right, you felt disrespected, whatever. But that doesn’t matter, Tray.  Right or wrong, heaven or hell, the man with the loaded gun always wins. Always. Bullets beat flesh. Always. You were too big for your britches, son. You were a punk.

George Zimmerman was behaving like a punk. Period. End of discussion.

Did this kid, this “criminal,” deface, harass, or in any other way molest you or your personal property BEFORE you started playing Barney Fife? No? THEN WHY IN THE GREAT FUCKING HELL ARE YOU BOTHERING HIM???? Much less SHOOTING HIM???

You know, George, just because you have a gun doesn’t mean you should use it. In the depths of your vast stupidity and power as a community watchdog, did it ever occur to you that the scope and breadth of your duties as a member of said community watch is to WATCH THE GODDAMN COMMUNITY??? Then you know, CALL THE REAL GODDAMNED POLICE, LISTEN TO WHAT THEY HAVE TO SAY, AND FOLLOW THEIR FUCKING INSTRUCTIONS BECAUSE THEY ARE THE REAL GODDAMN MOTHERFUCKING POLICE!!!

Nope. You were going to take care of this shit yourself. You were going to be the neighborhood hero and catch yourself a bad guy, something you could brag about at the next cul-de-sac barbeque. You were gonna rough this kid up, scare him a little bit with your pretty, shiny gun and maybe, just maybe teach him a lesson. Live out your wet dream of being a ballsawesome police man. Who knows, maybe get to use the Paula-Deen-no-no word and not be telling an off-color joke.

And when that kid-key word there, sir, KID – punched you in the fucking face for straight up harassing him while he walked back to the house in your neighborhood at which he had every right to be, the first thing you thought to do was flash that prettyshiny gun. Right at his fucking chest.

George Zimmerman, while you’ve been found not guilty by a jury of your peers, and while what you did DOES technically fall under self-defense, you were too big for your britches, son. You were a punk.

Period. End of discussion


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