In one hundred, seventy-eight days

I will turn thirty.

This means I have five months and twenty-five days to get up to some hairy shit.

There may be piercing involved.

Also ink.

Soooooooo glad my husband thinks this is awesome.


2 thoughts on “In one hundred, seventy-eight days

  1. So, here are my thoughts:

    Piercings and tattoos are awesome, however doing it because you are turning 30 isn’t going to change the year you were born.
    You already seem younger than you are, but I think a tat would change that about you.
    White tattoos can be pretty, but imho not behind the ear.
    Finally, I dare you to get a tramp stamp that says “kiss my butt” with an arrow pointing down 😉

    p.s. If you want a good tattoo this is one time I would recommend Fayettenam. While there are few positive things about the place, the tattoo artists out here do some pretty dang good work. Cause you know how the military is about their ink.

    • Okay, so the tat behind the ear has two different meanings.

      One: Dave’s pen name is Milo Finch, thus a finch tattoo instead of his name or something else equally trashy.

      Two: Any time someone wants to know how I know something, I can say “little bird told me” and awe, look, whatdaya know, little bird right there.

      It’s something I’ve been wanting for a while. Not sure if I’ve worked up enough courage to actually do it yet.

      Same story with the piercing. Want, just have not executed.

      The blue hair however… that’s totally a third decade crisis matter.

      And of course it really helps (or doesn’t help at all) that Dave thinks all of this is very, very sexy.

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