I took the GRE on Friday, and other goings-on in NorthCarolinaLand.

I made it my bitch.

Or so I’m told. I expected a little more from myself on the verbal portions.

I rocked the shit out of the quantitative though. Relatively speaking. I’m allergic to math, you see, and I managed to unofficially pull off a 152. So, you know, good job me!

The only thing standing between me and a acceptance to grad school is the committee of demigods who say yes… or no.

I like my chances.

I have an appointment on Friday at the local Aveda. I intend to leave with blue hair.

Dave got a promotion. Finally. The promotion comes with a shift change. He’ll be on late second shift instead of the usual 8-5 first shift. He’s apprehensive about this new schedule mix up simply because it’s something he’s never before done. I, on the other hand, am ecstatic. As a night owl and late-sleeper, this new, later schedule is quite possibly the greatest thing to ever happen to me. Ever. Well, okay, one of the greatest. I cannot properly verbalize how ridiculously amazeballs this is. There aren’t words in English. Or other languages. This. Is. Awesome.

In less than a month, I will have hosted both sets of in-laws here at the House of S. That’s exciting. We go so long without seeing familiar faces around here. Yeah, we have friends and stuff, some of them are even best friends, but there’s just something about seeing a truly familiar face. It’s comforting.

We’ve been a little homesick lately. I think these visits have helped a little, but we should probably go home sooner rather than later for a visit. It’s just a matter of planning the itinerary.

My job is still pretty awesome, despite various bureaucratic clusters of chaos stripping me of my most basic rights as an employee in good standing with my employer, or you know, an American. The next few months are really going to shake up the staff and schedule, but I think we’ll be okay. I mean, you know, throat may be ripped from their necks, eye gouging, whathaveyou, but it won’t last. And soon The Library may even resemble normal again. Next year, it will resemble normal next (fiscal) year. This year… this year is going to be a chaotic adventure in chaos. Yay chaos!

Soon I’m going to work up the nerve to publish some posts I wrote back in July. The next two years are going to look nothing like I expected, and I’m slowly coming to peace with that. We’ve (Dave and I) had to totally repaint our future. Okay, well, reorganize the collage/timeline/whatever. It’s been hard, emotionally draining, just tough and a little ugly. I hope it’s worth all this strife in the end. So far the universe has been good to us, evening out the kind of crappy stuff with more recent good tidings. I’m just having a hard time coping with The New Plan versus The Plan.

And now that the dryer is done, I can go to bed.

Yay bed!


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