House of S Dog Chew Review: @StarmarkAcademy can have my money.

Himalayan dog chews are a waste of money.

Ten minutes and Finn had demolished half the stick. TEN MINUTES. Not worth the nearly $40 we paid for those things.

StarMark everlasting treats? Totally worth the dough. Bonus: you can stuff the ball with other cookies and yummies after the kids demolish the everlasting treat, you know… a week later. We already had a groovy ball, so we snagged a bento ball and this hollow ball made just for stuffing. I think it’s meant to be stuffed with food, like a feeding alternative for bored animals. But the stuff we feed them is a little to small for the holes. If you have a larger dog (50+lbs) who eats larger …grain? pebble? grit?… kibble, it would probably serve well as a busy feeder.

Anyway, after two days of trying, Finn finally managed to free the everlasting treat from the bento ball. It was maybe five minutes before I noticed, and he hadn’t managed to do much damage to it. Shoved the remainder of the now gooey treat thing back into the ball and let him at it again. These things really hold up.

They also keep all three kids well occupied, even while participating in a rousing game of musical chewies.

Cost wise, they’re on par with other high quality chewies like large DuraChews. By “high quality,” I mean “toy that Finn won’t demolish in 11.7 seconds.” 

Con? These toys are only interesting if they’re stuffed. Nylabones, while not always interesting, don’t need to be stuffed. If the Starmark toys don’t have something yummy hiding in the grooves, it’s just another hunk of rubbery material laying on my floor.

However, Nylabones are the LEGOs of the pet parent world. Anyone who’s ever stepped on a half-gnawed Nylasaurus in the pitch black of night knows my pain. Starmark toys are made of some kind of a soft super rubber, the key word being soft. They don’t hurt when under foot and full body weight.

Overall, I see gobs more of my money going to the Starmark Academy for the rest of my pet parenting career.


This post not sponsored by anyone


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