There’s no easy way to say this…

So, uhm, awkward conversation ahead.

I’ve spent all summer trying to figure out the best way to tell my blog I’m pregnant.

As of Thursday, I’m not anymore.

Maybe I’ll blog about my feelings. But not today. I’ve written this post in my head a thousand times, and right now I’ve got nothing.

There it is. We miscarried.

Yes, we’re mostly okay. Yes, we’ll try again in a few weeks after my poor body gets itself together.

And maybe in the next, I dunno, three to four posts I’ll write about something not emo and maudlin. We’re buying a house once we find a house we want to buy. That’s fun, right?

If you try to email, comment, facebook, or tweet, I probably won’t answer. But thank you in advance for whatever nice and encouraging things you might say.


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